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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I went to the grocery store to purchase a few items to weather the BLIZZARD OF 2010 and came out having spent almost $20 on four apples and three oranges, bag of baby carrots, milk and some cereal. How are we to feed our children healthy but delicious foods when things are so expensive at the grocery stores? It would be cheaper to purchase processed, frozen foods including vegetables for the children and the family if i knew it were healthy. I understand the production, packaging, and the delivery of foods are expensive and a very tedious process however our Society are constantly talking about making sure our children are eating a large serving of fresh fruits and vegetables. However when a few items of fresh produce are expensive and children are to eat these items daily, how does one reconcile the grocery bills weekly? I am not encouraging not spending the money on fresh fruits and vegetables, i am voicing my concerns about the PRICING of so-called HEALTHY FOODS for families. If we would like our children to be well fed and healthy, then we need to make sure the PRODUCERS and the GROCERY STORE managers are pricing these types of foods so that ALL families can afford to feed their children the right amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. Let us not even talk about ORGANIC fruits and vegetables, that would cost me my leg and arm and $20.00!

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Tammy said...

Stopping by from SITS. I agree, I am trying to eat healthy in our home. It is so expensive! I have found a small fruit and veggie stand that has great prices but it is not always convenient. I hope there is a solution to this problem soon.

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My Lipstick Life said...

Totally agree that we are fighting a losing battle against obesity if they don't make the fresh food more affordable than the junk (fake) food. These are changes we must make if we are to change as a nation toward a healthier lifestyle. Cheers for speaking out, SITSta :)

Wendy (The Local Cook) said...

Stopping by from SITS. I feel your frustration - direct your anger to congress and Monsanto, not producers and stores. The processors get most of the money, and corn (which is used for high fructose corn syrup) is subsidized by the government - which is why unhealthy food is so cheap.

ParlinMom said...

we were having that same discussion when we first got married and when we had the little girl we decied to join a local price club so we could buy in bulk and what a diffenence it has made. we still have a hefty grocery bill but we get so much for our money. we also shop at local farmers markets for fruits and veggies and once they are cleaned I freeze them for later meals and that helps also when the price is high on a particular veggie we just go to the freezer and make do until the price adjusts itself.

good luck because it is not easy but we all want whats best for our children so we go that extra mile or should I say that extra few bucks for fresh.