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Saturday, 27 March 2010


When one is residing in an area where there are no other family members, it is important to reach out to neighbours and seek out playmates for your children. (You are also able to do this when you are near friends and families) However regular playdates between children can turn into regular get-togethers for parents. When your children are playing together, it is nice to sit together as parents and chat about the different things that are happening with the children, with yourself, in the community and around the world. As much as children need to socialize with their peers, parents also need to socialize with their own peers. And if you are planning play dates for your children then play dates are built in for you. Most of the time you choose children whose families are similar to yours so it would not be a surprise that you would enjoy the company of the parents. Recently i heard of parents starting playdates for their children which has lasted into the pre-teen and teen years. The playdates create built-in friendships and a support group, perhaps not all the children will get along but most of the time, some friendshsips can withstand the changes that children go through. And for parents, support systems are developed and streghtened as experiences are shared. Children and parents need an outlet and what better way to do so than through play dates where everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves.

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