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Monday, 1 February 2010

Body and Image: Beautiful inside/outside

As mothers and women we must always try to be happy with our body image, to help our children love their own (even more even when we have little girls). This will unsure that our other half keep their eyes on us - but this will also let them know that we are still gorgeous, if they mess around ;)! Beauty is most cherished if is from both sides of the individual. Meaning when inside you are beautiful it doesn't mean you have to neglect how you look from the outside. We are not saying you should try to overdo yourself (do not risk your life for any cosmetic surgery, is not ethical). All we want you to do is to be health and give extra LMT (little me-time)to yourself. The children and your other half will always appreciate the fact that you still take pride in your looks. 5aday combined in fruit and vegetables is good food habit. Plus, following these few steps you will see the result. Apply these healthy living to your family.

To prevent lot of stretch marks on your skin you should use essential oils such as Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil. Women have been these oils for very long. Creams should be used in moderation, and oils in excess. I will share with you some tips given by another blogger on M.A.I.L.
My body is precious to me and since I was about thirteen I've been spending tons of money to keep it smooth and silky. Like the French I like to buy expensive products that will solve the problem, instead of buying many cheap products that won't do anything for my skin.
The best cellulite cream I've ever bought was L'oreal Perfect Slim Pro (left). This essential gel is excellent to fight those difficult point. It smooths the fatty look of dimpled skin in solely four weeks. When I tried it I lost about 1 centimeter around the the thighs.
Another product that I go by is Johnson Baby oil. That was a product my mother introduced me to when I was a little kid and since then it has being in my body cosmetic bag. You just need a small amount to keep your skin moist. That was my secret for the perfect skin tone. Now the secret is outside for people to take example.
My latest addiction is Bio-oil. As is advertised on the box.
I've recently started using this product but it seems like it's going to be in my make up bag for years to come. It's quite easy to use, it should be massaged in a circular motion into the scar and the area affected twice a day. The manufacture advice to use it for a minimum time of three months. In this way even the old scars will benefit from the oil. If you have money and want your skin to be forever smooth. Do not spare on your body girls...
Yep, don't spare on your skin, you must love it and teach your family how to protect their skin from premature aging; this will help you avoid any body surgery :)!

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