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Thursday, 21 January 2010


Sometimes for us to become the best person and mother, it is important to forgive the negative things that have been done to us. Forgiving our own mothers may lead us on a path to becoming the best mother possible. Letting go of whatever was done to us, whether it be physical, emotional and even sexual abuse, it is imperative to learn forgiveness and give it as well as ask for it when need be. Without forgiveness we have a burden weighing on us that can at times bury us in our daily lives. Dr. Laura Schlessinger speaks about the 4 R's that must come before a person can completely forgive:

1. Responsibility--the person needs to acknowledge what they have done, do not blame anyone else, take the responsibility of your part in the process

2. Remorse--acknowledge that the other person is hurting because of you

3. Repair--what are we doing to repair it, to make the situation better

4. Repetition--they are taking steps to make sure they are willing to change the patterns

If it is your mother that you are forgiving, they need to have the Patience to give you time to really FORGIVE.

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