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Monday, 18 January 2010

Separated Clothing

As mothers, we have to decide what to do with clothing for our kids.
As if we did not have enough going on with everyday life...now we have to decide how best to perserve the clothes of our children. It is important to keep clothes apart for the purpose of having some organization in the home. We maintain the kitchen, the bathroom and all the rooms. Children in general have different activities they participate on a daily basis. Church, play and school. Hence keeping church clothes laundred and folded and laid out nicely and neatly for saturday and or sunday makes weekends easy for me and stress-free!! Play clothes are of course always dirty and somewhat tattered so definitely need to keep that in the drawer for play-time. I do not want my children going to school looking like they have been rolling around in mud so school clothes should be clean, well-fitted and looking as new as possible. Keeping clothes separate provides three reprieves for me:

1) Controlled Cleaned Closets
2) Stress Free Days
3) Nice Looking Kids

As mothers, we need to make our lives easier and if separating clothes into play, church and school, then we need to do so.

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