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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Planned Life vs Chance Life

Arguably planning is the key concept to be a successful person. When you decide in advance what you want to achieve at different stages of you life, this makes things.

However, not always planned things go smoothly.

But how can you cope if your dreams seem to take a long time to realise. No panic. Just follow these few steps and you will see the results. Everything happens when least expected.

1. Never think about numbers.
Meaning, you might have wanted to get married at 20 years old but now you are rocking towards 35 candles and you still don't have the ring on the finger? Just think how lucky you are. You can flirt with as many men as you want and never feel guilty. ;)

2. Enjoy your many me-times.
Why? Because one day your dream of being a wife and mother will come true, and although you will enjoy all the new challenges you might wish you had all that me-times when you could have. So while you can just enjoy it.

3. Never think negative.
Always be positive, don't throw away all the best wishes and just get the first thing that comes into your life. Ask the Almighty for the best gift and he will definitely give it to you when He believes is the right time for you to receive it.

So while your girlfriends are complaining about their kids and husband and in secret you envy them, don't because you will get yours when least expected. Sometimes life can be made by chances, we don't need to plan all the time. Plan your life but live it as not planned at all.

In the mean time take the chance to spoil all your nephews, these little kids will love you more and one day your kids will benefits from that love. ;)

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